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If a picture tells a thousand words – imagine how a video could help show, sell, or service your product? Keeping your customers up-to-date on your latest products is one of the best ways to demonstrate why they work with your company. Often, words are not enough to convey the quality, usefulness, complexity, or simplicity of your product. Video provides a solution that lets you show what you can’t otherwise say.

Tradeshow Videos

A well-executed trade show video will gain the attention of attendees and persuade them that your products and services are worth investigating. ErieMultimedia ensures that your trade show video is attention-grabbing from start to finish, by providing professional, high definition quality imagery, effects, and animation. Ninety percent of trade show attendees want to see new products and most of those people are upper level decision makers. Don’t make the mistake of using grainy images, dated graphics or scratchy voice overs. Give them a broad overview that leaves them wanting more information.

Facility Video Tours

Don’t wait to get a customer to your facility to make the sale – take your facility to them with a facility tour video. Customer acquisition costs can be reduced by bringing the facility to your potential customers via video. Facility tour video can show quality, process, shipping and offer an inside look into your day-to-day business.

Testimonial Videos

Fifty percent of customers are more likely to buy after viewing a testimonial video. Hearing from someone who has used your product, and/or worked with your team, provides a personal touch. Authentic, professionally produced testimonial videos make an impact on potential customers. Videos allow the audience to not only hear what the person is saying, but how they felt, making it memorable. ErieMultimedia can help you identify your clients who would do well on screen. We would interview them and prepare them for their time in front of the camera so they are comfortable. All of these are important in making a compelling testimonial video.

In-Service Videos

Do you need to provide a technical overview of your product or process? In-service or process videos help to show customers and staff how your product or process works. In-service videos contain more technical detail than marketing videos. In-service videos are typically targeted at the end user with the goal of making them familiar with product or process prior to installation or migration to a new manufacturing process. Much of the content produced in in-service videos can be utilized in training videos.

Virtual Installation and Service Guides

Do you want to reduce service calls and product returns? Correct product installation and service is key to reducing customers complaints. Short and accessible video installation and service guides can give customers peace of mind and provide troubleshooting assistance. Customers are more comfortable with products that have good support, installation and troubleshooting resources. Investing in these types of video also helps to make you stand out from the competition.

Training Videos

Self-paced video training allows customers and staff to safely and efficiently operate and install your products. Training videos can serve as a replacement or addition to instructor led training. Online training videos can greatly reduce the cost of training because customers and technicians do not need to leave their territories to participate. ErieMultimedia follows an instructional design methodology when creating training videos to ensure that learning outcomes are achieved. Videos can be modularized to allow learners to complete assigned training at their own pace. ErieMultimedia provides online tracking (Learning Management Systems LMS) to report learner performance and verify completion.