Podcasting for Marketing

A History of Casting From broad to pod, casting has always been about getting information out into the world. Starting by radio and then television, now digital content is available for the same purposes: to entertain, to inform, and to persuade. It’s not just Joe Rogan with a podcast anymore; it’s everybody from your [...]

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What is Content Marketing?

The Content Creator Ten years ago, who would have thought that the words “content” and “creator” would be joined together to become a job title? The word “content,” itself, may have been more likely to be associated with what was in your granola bar than its literary definition of telling us what’s enclosed in [...]

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ErieMultimedia wins Matterport competition!

ErieMultimedia, a Pennsylvania-based advertising agency, was among three winners of the Matterport signature True3D™ 3D Dollhouse competition; the two others were from Germany and Canada. The ErieMultimedia scan was a custom built home in Erie, Pennsylvania. The 3D dollhouse allows the viewer to enjoy the layout and flow of the structure in a more dynamic [...]

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Website Or Facebook, Do I Really Need Both?

Non-profits: Website Or Facebook, Do I Really Need Both? The simple answer is “Yes.” As most non-profits go, budgets are tight, resources and staffing are already overloaded and your main focus is on providing the necessary services that fulfills your mission. Due to these factors a number non-profit organizations are throwing their efforts into Facebook [...]

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