In the future, there will be people who get paid to create content, Marty!

The Content Creator

Ten years ago, who would have thought that the words “content” and “creator” would be joined together to become a job title? The word “content,” itself, may have been more likely to be associated with what was in your granola bar than its literary definition of telling us what’s enclosed in a book. Today, content is known as whatever you put out for others to see and hear, and it’s what will get you noticed online…or ignored. 

Whether it’s a quote, a blog post, a meme, a picture, or a video, your content needs to be eye-catching and informative. Ideally, it’s engaging, bringing you likes, comments, shares, and actual clients. Being on five social media platforms won’t help you market your business if you have nothing to post. And posting without purpose won’t necessarily help you achieve your marketing goals. Posting with purpose is what content marketing is all about.  

How Does Good Content Benefit My Business?

The content you choose will have a direct impact on your business. Picking or developing the right material can make all the difference. So, let’s talk about how content marketing can benefit your business and what you should expect to achieve with it. Here are some of the long-term benefits. 

  • It helps to build your brand awareness by creating a buzz about what you have posted.  
  • It gives you an opportunity to show why people should trust you: for your knowledge, skills, and character.
  • It’s a subtle approach to gaining future customers: by avoiding blatant sales pitches that could alienate people who don’t need your services now, you’re planting seeds for when people need your services down the road.

Some of these benefits may not be immediately visible, but others certainly are. Over time, you can expect:

  • an increase in site traffic giving your products and services more exposure
  • higher SEO rankings when people search your field online
  • AND more clients (Isn’t this what you’re ultimately after?)

Remember: becoming an authority for information and turning viewers into buyers can take time, and it’s important to keep at it. Most likely, everyone has seen the following meme pass by in some timeline of theirs. It has now become completely identifiable as representing why it is SO important not to give up.  We just never know how very close to success we are!

You never know how close you are. So never give up on your dreams!

Do I Have Time To Create Content Myself?

Can content marketing work for you without spending money or having a team of people behind you? Sure! But if all this sounds like an awful lot of work you don’t have time for, yet you know it’s something that will really help your business, it’s time to set up a consult with ErieMultimedia to determine at which level you’d like assistance in achieving your goals.  

Whether you want a variety of content published or a focus on a streamlined niche, we can set up a plan to keep you available to do what the most successful real estate agents need to do: get listings.  Content marketing adds to the productivity of your workday and even your non-work hours. While you’re out meeting with clients or having dinner with loved ones, your content is working for you to:

  • establish a long-term relationship with viewers
  • generate a constant and reliable presence
  • funnel views into customers over time

To be sure that you understand the value content marketing from ErieMultimedia is adding to your business, you’ll receive feedback and analytics to demonstrate just what kind of impact the changes you implement are having. Schedule a FREE strategy call or appointment with ErieMultimedia to chat about your goals. Contact us by phone at Call us: 814-746-9986, via email, or choose to book a time using Calendly.