Non-profits: Website Or Facebook, Do I Really Need Both?
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The simple answer is “Yes.”

As most non-profits go, budgets are tight, resources and staffing are already overloaded and your main focus is on providing the necessary services that fulfills your mission.

Due to these factors a number non-profit organizations are throwing their efforts into Facebook and abandoning their website. Focusing attention on social media is important, especially if you have an active community, but you are doing your organization a disservice if you make it the priority over your website.

Your website is the place where you control the story. It is your space to talk about your organization. Share your mission, and let others know how they can help support it. Showcase your staff. Demonstrate how your services assisted someone or provide the outcomes of your services. Most importantly, your website tells people how to reach you and how to contribute to your efforts.

If your site doesn’t have this information, and you are only reaching followers through social media, then you are missing out and so are they. When a person searches for your organization you want them to be able to find you and everything about you, not just pictures from your latest event, or promotion for your next fundraiser. Keep in mind that the content on your website can be used to share on Facebook. When you are spending time perfecting your website messages, you are creating content for social media. Bringing people back to your site is important for your website ranking, and will allow others to learn much more about your organization.  

Make sure your website is your number one online presence priority and by doing so, your social media can be populated much easier. In the long-run, the efforts you put into your website, will pay off in both realms.

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